Easy Life in the land of the monks


Sunshine, smiling people, delicious food and monks in beautiful orange robes everywhere. What else do you need to be happy?


It was December 2017, a time of not knowing how the New Year would look like. I was excited. It was the first time after months that I did not have any plan where to go next or what to do. No ashram waiting for me, no friends around... at least, that was what I thought. As usual, it turned out to be very different. Thailand brought back some good old friends into my life. Some for short visits, some for longer. In the end I spent all together 3 whole months in Thailand. From Bangkok I traveled towards the north, visited, Chiang Mai, Pai and Mae Hong Son, later I stayed for three weeks on a beautiful island in the south. I lived there in a wonderful small paradise called "Easy Life Bungalow Koh Lanta", owned by Man and his Family. I was teaching yoga in the mornings for the guests and my afternoons I spent on the beach.


After my visa run to Myanmar I returned to Chiang Mai and took a Thai Massage Course at the ITM (International Thai Massage School). Settling down for a month in this small and warm city was exactly what my body and soul needed after many weeks of moving around a lot.


Most of the Thai people are friendly, respectful and calm. Literally nobody is stressed here. Even in school. Teachers joking during class and having fun during lessons. Ok, it was "just" the Thai Massage School, I am sure the "real" school here can also be different, but still. How nice to see that learning is made a fun experience and life itself can be lived in a relaxed way.


Kop khun kha and Sawatdee kha :)

 Thank you Thailand and see you soon.