Meditating in Myanmar


If you want to deepen your meditation practice and learn more about Buddhism, while living a simple, back to basic life, you should visit Myanmar. During my four weeks here, I did not see a lot of the country. People say it is really beautiful. So one more reason to come for a visit. I spent my time meditating and volunteering. After a 10 days Vipassana Retreat near Bago, I visited Yangon and a very special place near Thanlyin, called Thabarwa Meditation Center. A place, founded by a monk called Sayadaw Ottamasara, where 3000 old, sick and homeless people find shelter and support by burmese and foreign volunteers. During the stay you can join morning and evening meditation, mostly guided buy a monk or a nun, have interesting conversations in one of the Dhamma Talks, learn Burmese, and of course help the people in the center during the whole day. So many activities are offered. From washing patients to physiotherapy, teaching english to the kids of the center or bringing patients to the pagoda to meditate or just go for a walk with them. In this center you can do good deeds all day long and people really appreciate it. A stay there can be pretty intense but seeing the smiling faces shows you that something special was happening. In the end I think that as a volunteer you learn and receive so much more then you ever can give. If you want to know more about it, check out the website. (As I heard there are also Thabarwa Centers in other parts of the world, I am sure you can find out more online)


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